MotoCrane ULTRA is the first of its kind, offering new levels of performance, portability, and simplicity. It is the longest and lightest of any universal remote (“russian”) arm system, while also maintaining robust payload and terrain ratings. High-quality construction and precision controls give film production teams creative freedom and confidence to produce dynamic, world-class images.

Ultra Arm is coupled with our specially tuned VW Touareg V10 tracking car and one of the best performer gyro head: Movi XL.

Ultra Arm is the longest and lightest of any universal remote (``russian``) arm system, while also maintaining robust payload and terrain ratings.

Dynamic film sets require high performance equipment. Everything must be up for the challenge of empowering the creative process, not limiting it. ULTRA is no exception. With a massive 12′ of reach, ULTRA puts the camera in nearly any position, even on SUV’s. ULTRA is also rated for off-road payloads of 30kg.

All this, with continuous 360 degree rotation at up to 70mph.

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  • Empty weight: 85kg
  • Max weight of the camera & lens combination: 15kg
  • Arm reach : 3.65m
  • Compatible gyro heads: Movi XL, Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Flight Head Mini series
  • Arm control:  Wired controler
  • Speeds and Limits: Adjustable
  • Gimbal control options: Joystick, RC controller, MIMIC, Wheels

We provide all the cabling and rigging equipment. In addition to this:

  • 2 x 10″ Monitors for DP and Director already set-up back of the front seats.
  • All SDI cabling is pre-done, no prior work is needed.
  • 1 x 7″ monitors for arm operator, already set-up.
  • 1 x 5″ video recorder for fast-playback, already set-up.


How long does it take to set up Ultra Arm?

Setting up the Ultra Arm from the hard-cases to the top of the car takes around 50 minutes. Another 15 minutes for configuring the camera setup.

Where are you based in?

We are based in Istanbul / Turkey. We can fly and work in Europe, Africa and Middle East countries.


Longest Arm Reach in its class

Ultra Arm, features 12ft / 3.65m of effective reach – the longest of any compact remote arm in the world.

Mountable to Any Vehicle, Boat

ULTRA Arm mounts to cars, trucks, UTV’s, boats and custom rigs via 4x TÜV-Certified 2″ Speedrail clamps. Our Suction Speedrail Grid (SSG) Kit creates a temporary speed rail grid anywhere you need it.

Easy to Fly with

ULTRA Arm is the first 12′ remote arm in the world to fly as checked baggage. With the available 5-piece ULTRA Flight Case set, each module is packaged inside of a durable SKB Case, with custom foams for secure transport and storage.