Freefly Movi XL

The most powerful and versatile gimbal for heavy camera packages

We have a solution for the productions who need stabilization for the biggest camera packages: Freefly Movi XL. Ability to carry 25kg of payload, there is almost no limit in the camera + lens combination.


Movi XL can be mounted to cars, cranes, dollies, boats, off-road vehicles and many more. All the necessary mounting equipment is provided along with our experienced team.

Movi XL will perform flawlessly almost in any condition.

Experienced and Extreme Operators

And the most important of all, we are one of the most experienced teams in the globe; we have been operating Movi since its first debut and when you need a operator on the edge, that’s us as well! Don’t take our word for this, check out our work at the bottom of this page.


  • Gimbal empty weight :  10kg
  • Max Camera+Lens weight: 25kg
  • Videolink: Full HD, uncompressed
  • Max speed: 200km/h
  • Handheld operation: no
  • Control Options: Joystick, Movi Controller, MIMIC
  • Vibration Dampeners: Flowcine Tranquilizer
  • Suspension system: Flowcine Blackarm extended
  • Quick release mounts
  • Adapters, clamps and rigging equipment for mounting to cranes, dollies, boats, cars etc.


Is it easy to operate MIMIC?

We guarantee that anyone who is not familiar with MIMIC will learn how to operate the gimbals smoothly in 5 minutes.

Is it possible to roll continuously?

Yes, with the latest firmware of Movi Pro, that became possible.

Is it possible to use lightweight cameras on Movi XL?

When the camera+lens package is less than 3 kg, we don’t recommend using Movi XL. Instead, Movi Pro should be used for better performance. Movi XL will stabilize any weight but it will be too heavy and big for small camera operations.

Movi XL gives freedom to put the camera on it without stripping it down; this means we can move from tripod to Movi XL just in seconds. So, when there is no need for hand held use, we recommend using Movi XL for proper cinema cameras and decent cinema glasses.

Sample Work