Heavy Lift Cinema Drones

Reliable, Dependable Heavy Lift Cinema Drones

We have been building our drones since 2010 and since then, we have been continually improving the safety, reliability and performance of our custom heavy lift drones for the motion picture industry.


We can carry payloads up to 20lbs with our Cinelifter X8 drones. High-end camera packages such as Alexa Mini and Red Cameras equipped with under 2kg cinema glasses can be flown.


For getting the smoothest footage possible, we use Freefly’s latest Movi Pro gimbal equipped with long range HD video transmission. Remote lens and camera control is also possible.

Our team is one of the most experienced team in the globe with 8+ years of experience in the motion picture industry.

We also own and operate DJI Matrice M600 Pro for medium lift operations, combined with the Freefly MoVI Pro or DJI Ronin MX camera gimbal.


Depending on your camera and lens choice, we got you covered.

  • Takeoff weight: 17 kg
  • Flight time: 6-9 min
  • Speed: 65 kmh
  • Ceiling altitude: 4000 meters msl (depending on payload)
  • Cameras: ARRI mini, RED, Canon C-Series etc.
  • Lenses: max. 2 kg, also lighter anamorphics
  • Filters: max 2;  4 “x 5,6”
  • Lens control: yes, 3 axis
  • Takeoff weight: 15,5 kg
  • Flight time: 8-15 min
  • Speed: 65 kmh
  • Ceiling altitude: 4500 msl
  • Cameras: ARRI mini, RED, Sony A7 series
  • Lenses: Light prime lenses
  • Filters: max 2;  4 “x 5,6”
  • Lens control: no
  • remote camera control: rec. toggle
We work as a two person crew as the gimbal is operated completely independently of the drone; meaning we can create dynamic and repeatable, safe shots in the air. Sometimes we need additional ground support depending on the shoot, or location. A standard Inspire 2 package includes:
  • Skilled qualified pilot and gimbal operator with camera expertise.
  • Live HD downlink which can be fed to multiple monitors.
  • Back-up drones, gimbals and cameras


What camera and lens combinations can you fly?

We can fly Red and Alexa Mini cameras. You can couple these cameras with any cine lens which weighs less than 2.5kg, including these very well known lenses:

  • Zeiss Standard Speeds
  • Zeiss Super Speeds
  • Zeiss Compact Primes
  • Arri Ultra Primes
  • Leica Summicron and Summilux
  • Arri Master Primes
  • Angeniuex Optimo 16-40mm
How smooth is the footage?

The best you can get at the moment from cinema level drones. We use the best equipment available (gimbals, drones, controllers)  for getting smooth footage.

How long do we wait between flights?

Around 2-5 minutes to swap out batteries and change cards/camera settings/lenses.

Sample Work