Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast from Drones and Cable Cams

We have all the equipment necessary to offer direct broadcast videos for your TV productions. We can live broadcast at 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission quality from drones and cable cams.


We have specially optimized transmitters and receivers tuned for broadcasting from long range (~ 1km)

We can help you to broadcast your event to your Youtube and Facebook channel as well.

We use different cameras and lenses for the specific needs. We own and operate different cameras and platforms and help you to broadcast from drones, cable cams and camera cars. Please contact with us to find the best solution for your needs.


  • Takeoff weight: 5 kg (light-lift)/ 13kg (medium-lift)
  • Flight time: 13-22 min
  • Cameras: Zenmuse X7 / Sony A7S-II
  • Lenses: 16-24-35-50mm f2.8
  • Remote camera control: full
We work as a two person crew as the gimbal is operated completely independently of the drone/cable cam; meaning we can create dynamic and repeatable, safe shots in the air. Sometimes we need additional ground support depending on the shoot, or location. Our standard live broadcast package includes:
  • Skilled qualified pilot and gimbal operator with camera expertise.
  • Live HD downlink which can be fed to multiple monitors
  • Back-up gimbals and cameras
  • SDI & HDMI converters
  • 100 meters SDI cable for feeding satellite truck
  • 300 meter cable cam dyneema rope


What's the maximum length of your cable cam system?

300 meters.

Can we get 1080p uncompressed live footage from your systems?

Yes, we can feed your production with 1080p uncompressed footage within 500 meter range from our cable cam and medium lift drone systems.

Sample Work

Live Broadcast

Broadcasters can broadcast direct from our drones and cable cams using its dedicated 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission signal. Aerial live-streaming direct to TV is as simple as connecting our transmitter to the satellite truck.

Stable & Reliable Connection

Our drones and wireless transmission systems are specially designed to record stable and fluid images from long distances. Thanks to this new technology of live broadcast, you can according to your needs, simultaneously broadcast your shots that require to fly over an audience such as sports events or shows on a television or even on giant screens.

Broadcast Van

We provide the control room to broadcast live with the drone / cable cam in HD 1080 / 50i via 100 meters of SDI cable. This helps us to locate our base to a safer and less congested area in terms of RF signals.