Camera Car

Specialized Camera Car

We have combined all the powerful equipment into one package: Custom lifter, Flowcine Blackarm, VW Touareg V10 car and Freefly Movi XL. All these equipment work in harmony to create the best possible shots you can get from a chase car.


It can carry any cinema packages available easily, smoothly.

Our chase car system is powerful, versatile and most of all budget friendly.

Our camera car is modular, you can:


  • Combine the lifter with an off-road vehicle or with a pick-up.
  • For narrow spaces (such as parking areas), you can use smaller cars with our lifter without hitting the ceiling. (We have different sizes of our lifters)
  • You can mount different gimbals t our car: We have mounted Flight Head IV, Movi XL and Flight Head Mini all together into one car and our car can handle this easily.


  • Lifter weight: 45kg (including all the motors and parts.)
  • Lifter payload capacity: 35kg
  • Camera travel distance (vertical): 200 cm
  • Compatible gimbals: Movi XL, Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Flight Head Mini series
  • Remote control of lifter:  Via wireless joystick
  • Lifter speed: Adjustable via joystick
  • Safety measurements: Servo motors are with brakes. It locks the system when there is no input from the controller for safe operation


Do you sell the lifter?

If you want to us to create another custom lifter for your company, please get in touch with us.

How much time required for moving the camera system from front to back?

We can move the all platform (including the lifter) from back to front or front to back maximum in 10 minutes.

Sample Work

Adjustable Camera Height on the go

Our in-house developed lifter can move your camera up and down even in shot smoothly. The travel distance is 2 meters and and the speed is adjustable. The control is done via wireless joystick. No more clamp un-rigging and de-rigging for camera height adjustment which is a painful process for heavy camera packages.

No Camera & Lens Limit 

We use the powerful Movi XL for stabilizing the shots which can carry 25kg of camera+lens combination, meaning you have no limit in the camera + lens choice!

Other Gimbal Options

We also provide Movi Pro and Ronin 2 depending on the camera and lens package.