Cable Cam

300 meters long, repeatable, safe

Cable cam is a very versatile tool in motion picture industry when you need to make your shot safe, long, repeatable and smooth. There are many scenarios where you can use our cable cam system:


  • Narrow spaces where drones can’t  fly
  • Tight ad bumpy spaces where steadicam and gimbal operation would be painful and not-repeatable
  • Indoor spaces if proper anchors are available
  • Shots that requires precision and repeatability.
  • Over the crowd shots where cranes can’t reach and where safety is must (Such as concerts and events)
Our cable cam system is paired with Movi Pro and Ronin 2 for smoothest footage possible.

Our cable cam system is capable of carrying 20kg payload. Our camera stabilization platforms Movi Pro and Ronin 2 will  handle Alexa Mini, Red Weapon, Sony Venice camera bodies with all the cine glasses available (except heavy long zoom lenses).


  • Cable length: 300 meters
  • Stabilization: Movi Pro / Ronin 2
  • Payload Capacity: 20 kg including the gimbal
  • Operating Speed: Up to 35mph
  • Maximum inclination: 10 degrees

Our standard cable cam package includes these equipment:


  • Cable cam operator
  • 300 meters 8mm dyneema rope
  • Freefly Movi Pro gimbal
  • Security anchors and ropes


What are the control options?

Cable cam is controlled via remote controller which is pretty straightforward process. Gimbal control is done via Movi Controller, MIMIC or wheels. DPs can choose the system they are familiar with.

Is it easy to operate MIMIC?

We guarantee that anyone who is not familiar with MIMIC will learn how to operate the gimbals smoothly in 5 minutes.

Sample Work