Freefly Movi PRO

Lightest and most versatile gimbal: Movi Pro

We have been operating operating Movi since it’s first debut and we have mounted it on almost every moving / flying platform: Drones, cars, cranes, ropes, cable cams, motorbikes and many more. Movi Pro got evolved in time and now it’s the lightest and most versatile gimbal available in the market. Of course, having a good equipment doesn’t matter if it’s not operated properly.

Movi Pro can be mounted to any platform in addition to hand held operation: Drones, cars, jibs, cranes, dollies and many more.

Being the lightest and most capable gimbal, the result is the best footage possible from any mounted platform. We have all the parts and adapters required for mounting Movi Pro to anywhere you imagine. Vibration dampeners, quick release mounts, rings, support equipment such as Easy Rig and many more.

All Movi Pro Ecosystem is Available

We have all the available Freefly’s ecosystem in addition to third party add-ons. For instance, our run time is around 2 hours with each battery set (we have plenty of them, no worries! ), stock Movi Pro has 20 minutes run time. Counterweights and offsets makes it much easier to balance heavy lenses on Movi Pro which weren’t possible before.

Experienced and Extreme Operators

And the most important of all, we are one of the most experienced teams in the globe; we have been operating since Movi M10 and when you need a operator on roller blades, skateboard or snowboards, that’s us as well! Don’t take our word for this, check out our work at the bottom of this page.


  • Gimbal empty weight :  2,6kg
  • Max Camera+Lens weight: 8kgs
  • Cameras: ARRI mini, RED, Canon C-Series, Sony Venice
  • Lenses: max. 2,5 kg
  • Videolink: Full HD, uncompressed
  • Max speed: 90km/h
  • Handheld operation: yes
  • Mounting to other platforms: yes
  • Filters: max 2;  4 “x 5,6”
  • Lens control: yes, 3 axis


Is it easy to operate MIMIC?

We guarantee that anyone who is not familiar with MIMIC will learn how to operate the gimbals smoothly in 5 minutes.

Is it possible to roll continuously?

Yes, with the latest firmware of Movi Pro, that became possible.

I want to operate Movi Pro by myself. Can I?

Yes, sure! There are personalized settings such as the axis deadbands, smoothness and reaction speeds. We will dial in these settings for you, no worries.

Can you operate all they long with heavy setup?

We use support vests such as Easy Rig + Flowcine Serene to take the weight out of the arms and distribute it to the body. That helps us to run the system for long hours. But yes, we need to rest since we are human! 🙂

Sample Work