DJI Ronin 2

Stronger and bigger payloads

DJI Ronin 2’s stronger motors allow it to support a wider range of cameras, resist high winds and G-forces caused when mounted to a car and keep it moving smoothly in flight. Ronin 2 can be mounted on almost everything: Cars, cranes, ropes, cable cams, motorbikes and steadicams. We prefer flying Movi Pro with drones instead of Ronin 2 because of the weight difference.

DJI Ronin 2 is a versatile gimbal which can carry 13.6 kg of payload, meaning you can put longer and heavier lenses.

We have all the parts and adapters required for mounting Ronin 2 to anywhere you imagine. Vibration dampeners, quick release mounts, rings, support equipment such as Easy Rig and many more.

Intuitive Gimbal Control: DJI Force Pro

DJI Force Pro is a camera movement control system that allows operators to control gimbals remotely, very similar to Freefly MIMIC. Force Pro allows operators to capture shots more intuitively. Communication latency as low as 10 milliseconds means the camera moves in sync with DJI Force Pro in near real time. An embedded compass and high-precision IMU work in tandem to ensure control is smooth and prevent the gimbal from drifting while moving or stationary.

Experienced and Extreme Operators

And the most important of all, we are one of the most experienced teams in the globe and when you need a operator on roller blades, skateboard or snowboards, that’s us as well! Don’t take our word for this, check out our work at the bottom of this page.


  • Gimbal empty weight :  5 kg
  • Max Camera+Lens weight: 13.6 kg
  • Cameras: ARRI mini, RED, Canon C-Series, Sony Venice
  • Videolink: Full HD, uncompressed
  • Max speed: 90km/h
  • Handheld operation: yes
  • Mounting to other platforms: yes
  • Filters: max 2;  4 “x 5,6”
  • Lens control: yes, 3 axis
  • Remote control options: Joysticks, DJI Force Pro


Is it easy to operate Force Pro?

We guarantee that anyone who is not familiar with Force Pro / MIMIC will learn how to operate the gimbals smoothly in 5 minutes.

Is it possible to roll continuously?

That’s not possible with Ronin 2 at the moment. For dutching, the limit is 30 degrees on each direction.


BUT, for steadicam usage, you can rotate the sled from high to low (vice versa), while keeping the horizon level, making this gimbal usable on Steadicams.

What cameras are compatible with Ronin 2?

Ronin 2 is compatible with a large number of cameras including ARRI Alexa Mini, RED Dragon, ARRI Alexa XT, Blackmagic URSA mini, and Sony FS7.


The heaviest we’ve tested so far is the ARRI Alexa XT with a Canon CN7x17 KAS S Cine-Servo 17-120 mm lens. The maximum horizontal length between the camera mounting base center and the roll axis should not exceed 245 mm, the width of camera should not exceed 180 mm, and the height should not exceed 165 mm.

What is the controllable speed, mechanical range, and controllable rotation range?

Pan: 360°/s, 360°, 360° rotation

Tilt: 360°/s, ±135°, ±135

Roll: 360°/s, ±220°, ±30°

Sample Work