Aerial 360VR & Aerial Panorama

Everything you need about aerial 360VR, aerial panoramic, aerial gigapixel photos are covered by our expertise.


We capture 360VR videos, photos and panoramic photos with the latest cameras available.

Our aerial 360VR video capturing devices are stabilized with a special gimbal and result is smooth as regular footage.

Our services include:

  • 360 videos for your virtual reality platforms: We fly with Insta360Pro (8K) and Red Weapon with a specialty lens for your VR video needs. Of course, all these cameras are stabilized with a specialty gimbals and drones.
  • Panoramas or gigapixel photos for your next construction projects: For construction companies we offer aerial panoramas at precise altitudes to showcase your project to your customers before you start the construction.
  • 360 panorama tours: When you need a 360 interactive tours for your project, we got you covered. We work closely with government agencies and municipalities for interactive 360 tours.

For aerial panoramas we have many camera options including Sony 7R-II, Canon 5Dsr, Canon 5D Mark IV. If you need a medium format camera for capturing photos, we got you covered. We have remote triggers for any cameras available in the market.


  • Sony A7R-II
  • Canon 5Dsr
  • Canon 5D Mark IV
  • Insta360 Pro
  • Red Weapon with specialty 250 degrees fish-eye lens
  • For smaller project we offer DJI Zenmuse X7
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Do you own 360VR cameras?

Yes we do. Please refer to “Available Cameras” section for the cameras we own. In case you need a custom solution, please contact us.

Do you also handle post production of 360 content?

Yes, we can handle this process for your project as well.

Sample Work